Our philosophy

The natural beauty and health is fascinating us for a long time.

We are among the first in the world taking an interest in Asian, black and mixed skin with a development approach of 100 % natural cosmetics.

We made the deliberate chose to produce cosmetic products without using substances being dangerous for the health of the skin and environment and without chemical products and oils.

After several month of research, laboratory tests and live tests, we can now offer today a full range of 100 % natural care products, having a guaranteed lightning effect of up to 28,6 % after 12 weeks of regular use. The effect is less spectacular than with hydroquinone or other chemicals, but offers a gentle treatment without side effects !

This range of care products will provide you every day the comfort of nature on your skin and your body. A gently dosed mix of Swiss Alps plants growing over 1500 m of altitude and so being free from all pollution. This active principle permits a revolutionary act by acting directly within the skin by reducing significantly the production of melanin. The lightening effect is guaranteed with no side effects! And in addition, the composition of these plants provides your skin with a multitude of natural elements for a resplendent health of your skin !

We are proud and happy to contribute to the health and wellbeing of most of you and to fight against the marketing of toxic products being dangerous for your health.

A part of the profits form the range of Peauline Sàrl will be regularly used for charitable projects and development assistance in several countries of Africa, Asia and South America.

Thank you for your trust and loyalty.


                                                                                                                   Beauty Creator


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